post-pandemic programming party!

"It's been two years of maybe ..." but ... we did it! We had a hackathon at TU Darmstadt. I had mentioned I'd be in the area to Felix Singer in early June, and Felix proposed a hackathon at TU Darmstadt.

View from my hotel window. A beautiful town.

I've never been to Darmstadt. Now I wish I could live there. It is a beautiful city, and TU Darmstadt was very welcoming. The actual space itself was perfect for a hackathon: a pleasant, usually shaded, courtyard; and a room with all the power you need at each of 12 or so tables. We had plenty of snacks and even a barbecue grill.

View from the courtyard of the hackathon

Felix also arranged for a tent, which did need a bit of assembly! But a tent is no challenge to coreboot hackers, right?

Felix gave us a tent to build, and 9elements supplied the Oscar banner, which (look closely!) you can see high up on the railing. Occupy TU!

From there we got down to work and it started to look like a coreboot hackathon:

It's a hackathon: everything's disassembled, yet somehow it all works. Note the very nice power outlet that comes from the ceiling.

Few boards can resists the power of the DediProg!

I lost the paperclip I use to push the reset switch. This all-natural, 100% organic reset device served just fine. And Daniel Maslowski got oreboot working!

In addition to coreboot, we worked on oreboot on the RISC-V boards, and by the end of the hackathon, a lot of problems were fixed and things just about worked, including LinuxBoot in SPI! This includes DRAM startup on the Allwinner D1.

Thanks to Felix and everyone at TU Darmstadt for a perfect hackathon!

CCC Darmstadt, which is an established college group at TU, played a very essential role, including making the indoor space open to us. Without them, we would have not had a space to work in.

Also, thanks to 9elements for their generous support – they continue to keep open source firmware moving forward and well fed! And, finally, thanks to Google for the pizza dinner and barbecue food.

See that broom? Felix spent about 8 hours cleaning up after we were done. Be sure to thank him!